Did Gisele Take Away All of Tom Brady's Toughness?

Kevin Plank and Under Armour are going around spinning that the reason they were willing to drive a dump truck full of Scrooge McDuck’s riches to Kevin Durant’s driveway was to merely jack up the price for Nike had to overpay to keep him. We like to call that in my industry being “booty hurt.”
However, UA was able to sign a high profile “personality” to their roster this week. I’m calling Gisele Bundchen a “personality” because the fact that an alleged sports apparel company hired a supermodel to pose in athletic wear doesn’t really marry up with the purpose of a what a model. Models model, just because they exercise doesn’t mean they’re athletes.

Didn’t UA read how Victoria’s Secret foray into athletic clothes utterly flamed out?
It’s a “meh” ad, applying the tried and true trope of “F the haters” motif into a one-shot of Giselle exercising.

Much like her husband, its really hard to believe that the world’s highest-paid supermodel as ever an underdog.

At least her husband has a reason for the chip on his shoulder.
UA imposes Internet comments over her workout as faux motivation and while some are usual Internet trolls, a lot of them are really positive.

Jeez, Gisele has the nicest followers on the Internet.

Who would have thought that the Bradys would be so sensitive?

Ben Roethlisberger Photobombed By Pittsburgh Zoo Sea Lion
Ben Roethlisberger Photobombed By Pittsburgh Zoo Sea Lion