Bid $15,000 on Antoine Walker's Tricked Out Benz!

Cars like this gem found on eBay are reason #3 on why, despite amassing impressive fortunes, pro athletes go broke. Reason #1 is hookers and reason #2 is cocaine. Stay away from all three, children.
However for an affordable $15,000, you can score Antoine Walker’s 2003 Benz that has over $220K of mods and upgrades alone.

This Benz likely cost Walker $124K alone, not even getting to the fact that he spent almost double of the car’s initial price on upgrades.
Via the posting

“This Gem has been well cared for & stored in temp/humidity controlled garage all it’s life. Only 45K miles/Barely broken in! Drives like a 45K mile Mercedes flagship should. Never smoked in. It did have a parking lot accident. Ran into a branch & owner had every single blemish replaced with all new OEM Mercedes parts at a total of over 13K! Even though the car was better than new after the mishap the insurance claim resulted in a Rebuilt title. Car is not new/perfect. It does have a few lights on from sitting but drives, looks, runs, shifts, sounds great! You will be hard pressed to find another 03-2010 in the same exceptionally well cared cond. I have been in FL for past year & car is in my collection in New England. Comes with the title from original owner Antoine Walker of the Boston Celtics as well as a framed autographed picture of Antoine. Antoine earned a $150M in his career and poured a ton of $ into this vehicle. No expense spared to make it a one off SUPER CAR like no other!”

$15,000 not only gets you a pristine Mercedes that could double as the Batmobile, your hard earned cash nets you Walker’s signed original title of the car and photograph. Is that what happens when athlete’s go broke? They sign their shit and throw in a signed photo to sweeten the deal? Because there was no way I’d entertain this offer, but you’re telling me I could get a signed pic of Antoine Walker? Now you’re talking!

What I need to know more about whether this car was the Mercedes in question in two of Walker’s mishaps with motor vehicles. There was 2007 when Walker was robbed at home and the assailents made off with one of his Mercedes, however this car is likely not the car in question. The thieves sold off all that car’s upgrades on the aftermarket. Dude could have put how many kids through college on the upgrades he put in his cars.
This is possibly the car Walker got popped for a DUI in, which would make it almost worth the $15K alone. It’s not everyday you can purchase a totem of the demise of a pro athlete.

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