Stephanie Branton, Playboy’s Miss September 2014, Is A Former Hockey Cheerleader




Stephanie Branton credits her parents for her selection as Playboy’s Miss September 2014, especially her mom.

“I have her breasts,” Branton said with a laugh on Wednesday morning. “I get them from her, so I have her to thank, sort of.”

The 24-year-old blonde model from Newfoundland, Canada gushed about her parents’ supportive nature, which allowed her to leave the remote town of Conception Bay to pursue modeling a few years ago. Branton’s path led first to Toronto, where she modeled for a few years before appearing on

Soon after, the iconic men’s magazine requested a test shoot of Branton for its print edition, eventually resulting in her selection as a Playmate and her placement on the cover of the September 2014 issue.

“My parents have been great about all this. My dad is coming to see me soon, and my mom just picked up copies of my issue at the airport,” Branton, who now resides in Los Angeles, said. “It’s a lifelong dream-come-true.”

Miss September talked to BC about her journey from small town Canada to the cover of Playboy, her time as a high school hockey cheerleader and life as a single Playmate.

Whose reaction to you being named a Playmate surprised you most? Has anyone been weird – like call-the-police-on-them weird?

“My mom’s reaction was the best: she cried. She’s my best friend. It’s almost like it happened for her, too… I have received a couple calls from exes, so that was a little strange. I’ve also gotten some not-so-nice comments on social media and online, but that’s to be expected, I guess.”


You’re from Conception Bay, Canada. Do people ever stop joking about the name of the town? Have you ever heard a funny one?

“Not really. There are several places with funny names in Newfoundland. There’s even a town called Dildo (laughs).”


Your bio claims you were a hockey cheerleader in high school. Does that mean you did routines on skates? Was your squad more like the L.A. Kings Ice Crew or the University of Oregon cheerleaders?

“We didn’t do stunts. We were in the stands cheering during games, but we did gymnastics and pyramids at the pep rallies. They made us wear turtlenecks because it was so cold near the ice, but we had on really short skirts. We’re Canadian, so we were used to the cold, I guess.”


Have any athletes or celebrities been hitting on you since you’ve become a Playmate? Are there any whom you’d like to?

“I haven’t met that many people yet. This is all new, so a lot of people I meet don’t know about me being a Playmate…I hung out with a basketball player, but he’s playing overseas now. He wasn’t in the big leagues.”


Can you say which player?

“I’d rather not. Right now, I’m single. It’s good. It allows me to focus on work with no distractions.”


We know you have to be an NHL fan. Who is your favorite team and why?

“I’d have to say the Vancouver Canucks. I lived in Vancouver for six months, so I feel a connection to the city.”


Do you have a favorite player?

“Not really. Hockey players are hot, though. It’s a tough sport. It’s very sexy and manly.”


You lived in L.A. during the Sochi Olympics. Was it hard to root for Canada — and against the U.S. — in the men’s hockey semi-finals?

“Canada is always in my heart, so I had to root for them, but I live in the U.S. now, so I was going for both teams.”


What’s the biggest difference between Canadian and American guys?

“Canadian guys are more rugged. They aren’t afraid to get dirty. I like to go camping and hiking, so I like guys who are able to enjoy those things.”


The September 2014 issue of Playboy featuring Stephanie Branton as the Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at now.

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