Charlotte McKinney In A Bubble Bath For Those Of You Stuck At Work On 3rd Shift




Charlotte McKinney has now uploaded just six Instagram photos during August and that was after an eight photo month in July. We still barely know anything about the Next Kate Upton as McKinney has just gone about her modeling business without advancing her social career as we thought would happen early this summer.

She has only tweeted (@Char_mck) 16 times since opening a Twitter account in May with this message: “I don’t know how to work this : (”

So you should feel special that Guess Girl posted this bubble bath tonight. It’s rare. I’m not sure whether McKinney is shy or if she’s just not sure how the social scene works in New York, but if she wanted to dominate Page Six, TMZ and every gossip site in the U.S., she could. It’s her call at this point. We’ll just be over here waiting.

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