Creepy Mall Guy Sightings, More Kim DeJesus & SEC Piggly Wiggly Sign of the Week

Creepy Mall Guy enjoying some late-season Indians games


College football:

Abilene Christian and Georgia State play tonight on ESPNU at 7. Again, I recommend avoiding this one and letting your girlfriend/wife have the controller and you should act like you don’t want to watch sports tonight. Just play it cool — “Oh, you watch what you want. You’ve worked hard this week. Let’s watch HGTV.” Save your ammunition for the five-day weekend.


Here’s what a proposed MLS stadium would look like just off the Strip. It seems that it would be built somewhere near the Las Vegas Hilton/convention center area.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

According to ESPN’s FPI, Florida State football has at least an 85% chance to win in each of its games and a 39% chance to go undefeated

I don’t know what FPI is, but it sounds important.

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