Tampa Strip Club Report For Richie Incognito

The Richie Incognito saga took its predictable next turn when the pariah o-lineman met with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about a job yesterday. Everyone is expectedly saying the right things about the recruiting trip, with management saying that they’re weighing their options and current Bucs reciting the routine platitudes. It’s as if Incognito needs to pay his phone bill and Lovie Smith needs a serviceable lineman.
Since it’s a foregone conclusion that Incognito is signing with Tampa, I thought I’d throw a bone to the big galoot and scope out the potpourri of gentlemen’s clubs in the vicinity of Raymond James Stadium. Tampa is the strip club capital of the country if you didn’t know.

0.9 miles from Raymond James
With a 6.0% unemployment rate, you know where to find Tampa’s workforce during the middle of the day on a Monday.

1.9 miles to Raymond James
Richie needs a place to hold court and with getting likely signed for the veteran’s minimum, the only good meal he’ll be able to afford is a strip club lunch special.

2.4 miles to Raymond James
Most table dances last a lot longer than 15 minutes so the Penthouse should be proud.

Thee Dollhouse
2.8 miles to Raymond James
Nothing builds anticipation for Shark Week like a pit stop from the local currie convention for another free buffet.

1.3 miles from Raymond James
Winning a free boob job from the local strip club is what dreams are made out of.

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