Bar Paly Ice Bucket Grade: D+


Bar Paly is one of my favorite Israeli Bars, but unfortunately she always seems a step behind the times. Her ice bucket foray was on par with mistaking Tony Romo as a competent quarterback; it was a lot of sizzle with very little steak.

For an actress who’s most memorable moment on celluloid is allowing the Rock to rip lines from off her donk, you’d would think Bar would permit no half measures. Unfortunately, her bucket is better to make sand castles with and not turn white t-shirts translucent.
Bar Dunk

It’s even worse when juxtaposed with Bar’s bestie Rohini. Rohini takes her much larger bucket like a champ and even allows Bar to stumble with lifting the bucket made for dry wall high enough to douse her.
Bar Friend Dunk

True friendship.

[Bar Paly -IG]

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