Snag Lovie Smith’s House With A Custom Library For $1.99 Million





As one of the NFL’s “good guys,” Lovie Smith earned universal acclaim when he landed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers job to mob up the MRSA Greg Schanio left behind. The CDC must have given Smith the green light that the Big Sombrero is clear now that Smith posted his four bed/four bath abode in a Chicago suburb on the market for $1,999,000.

Since Smith began his pro coaching career in Tampa, you’d have to think Bucs fans would be a bit more forgiving than at his last stop, finishing 10-6 from staring 7-1 be damned. Bucs fans are much too busy preoccupied living in the strip club capital of the United States to be grumpy with Smith’s first season. Either that or they’re still reading the 43908 page preseason recap of Lovie’s first 100 days with the team.

The home has some nifty ad-ons, mainly with a custom library, which is good for all your leather bound books.

As for the essentials:

• Seven miles away from Whole Foods

Heavenly Bodies is quite the haul; being at almost 27 miles away, but that shouldn’t be a problem in St. Petes. On the other side,

• The home is literally down the steet from Autentico and Lake Bluff Brewing Company. Hard to beat that.

You too, can be in walking distance of the finest of suburban Chicago Mexican food and craft beer for $1,999,000 in addition to $300 HOA Fee. They’re not going to let just any scoundrel move in the neighborhood.

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