NCAA FBS Sexiest College Football Fan Bases (All 127 schools)

How many times have you scrolled through a list of the sexiest NCAA fan bases only to find the same sexy photos you have seen millions of times before of each school, over and over again? Seriously, how many?
Instead of worrying about the representative of the school, why not just focus on which school ranks where? That is our suggestion. The image of a beautiful and sexy woman is a bonus for your eyes as you enjoy the list.

Our ranking system is state of the art and has been stolen by Norway already. (Patent pending) We have figured out a way to use a schools overall level of hotness with the number of beautiful women and also how many of those women are part of the football fan bases. It is a complicated endeavor but we have nothing else to do.
How do you calculate such a difficult number?
Easy! Pretend that each school has a football team and the only people left are beautiful women. The schools with the most, wins. All you need to do is eliminate the other factors one by one like number of male students. That is the first to go.
Then just start conducting research for each and every school in the FBS. It isn’t that difficult.

Without further ado… The list!

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Kim DeJesus Had A Pretty Fun Night In Chicago
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