I’m Betting These Packer Fans Will NOT Eat The Horse Collar Kielbasa Turd


The Cold War of stadium concession abominations was cranked up even hotter with the Packer’s new latest offense to dietary guidelines.

It literally looks a turd in a toilet bowl!

The “horse collar” is made up of the eponymous horse collar kielbasa baked into bread and drizzled with beer cheese and fried sauerkraut. I tip my hat to Green Bay’s fan engagement department, but wouldn’t this slab of transfats sober fans up? Even the most blacked out of cheese heads would blow a .03 halfway through eating it. Don’t fans need complete inebriation to survive a late December home game with the Vikings?

Here’s some customers that are intelligent enough to stay away from that monstrosity. It’d ruin their perfect beer blankets.

I know making $$$ is the name of the game and at $20 pop, Green Bay will be raking in the green from selling to food masochists, hack sportswriter who will livetweet their eating experience, and Tony Siragusa. He’ll eat three by himself.

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