Kate Upton’s Ice Bucket Challenge Grade: D




Could she have worn more clothes than that? Ridiculous.

This chick shot bikini photos in Antarctica and yet she can’t shed layers in suburban Detroit in August? I live 70 miles south of Verlander and I was swimming last night. Let’s cut the shit, Upton. It’s time to remember what took you to the top and it wasn’t multi-layers of jogging gear hiding those double-Ds.

Let ’em breath!

I’ve been preaching for months now that Upton has gotten completely boring, and dare I say it…is sliding into the marriage material stage. Think about this for a minute: Your bikini career only lasts so long. You can’t keep going back to SI. You have to go the classy advertising route. The thought starts to creep into your head that JV is guaranteed $28 million for like the next six years. By then you’re 28, you’ve had a couple kids, the body is back in shape and you do another SI cover (if it’s still around) before you turn 30.

The Kate Upton era seems to be over.

[via Kate Upton – IG]

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