Alabama LB Rashaan Evans Has $800 Designer Shoes To Wear With Suit For West Virginia Game


Want to know what college football might look like once the Big 5 conferences are allowed to pay players whatever they want to go to their schools? It just might look like what you see from Alabama freshman linebacker Rashaan Evans and his $800 designer shoes that his dad is boasting about on Facebook.

Alan Evans went on a Facebook humblebrag spree last night to show off the shoes Rashaan, who turned picked Alabama over hometown Auburn (Alan was supposed to be an Auburn football legend and was in the same recruiting class as Bo Jackson) will be wearing to the Georgia Dome for the West Virginia game.


Ware Wolf chillin out in the Players Lounge at the Mal Moore Football Complex I’m so Alabama Roll Tide Roll Tide ! When y’all see him get off the Bus at the Ga Dome scream out Ware Wolf lol Roll Tide


Ware Wolf inside the players lounge at the Mal Moore Sports Complex showing off his brand new shoes pair of 800.00 designer shoes he going to wear them with his New Desigjhner Suit to the Georgia Dome . When he get off the bus in the ATL lights camera action Roll Tide

Notice where Alan goes in the comments. “Nick take care his boys he want them to have the best Roll Tide(.)” And more and more. Of course Alan eventually says that Rashaan’s parents “can afford it.”

I have no idea what Alan means by “Nick take care his boys.”
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.43.05 PM


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.43.37 PM


Maybe Rashaan’s family bought $800 shoes for him. They did sell the family business back in February so maybe there was a massive cash windfall. This allegedly happened two days after Rashaan chose Alabama.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.02.59 PM


Who the hell knows how Evans got his $800 shoes? Would it be shocking for $800 shoes to magically show up in the mail? Not in 2014. Hopefully the Big 5 can get together and just open this all up. You want $800 shoes to play at Alabama? You got them. You want $5,000 in suits so you look good getting off the bus? You get them, if a booster will pay for them. You want a new house for you mom to sign with Auburn? Got it.

Just throw the rules out the window because at this point they’re worthless.

Enough with the “only wear designer apparrel now since he rolling with the Tide,” stuff. If a booster at Tennessee wants to give the players suits, fine. If the players want cars and some guy is willing to splurge, I could care less. If the player doesn’t want to go to class, he doesn’t go to class. Think this all sounds nuts? The University of Maryland announced this week that it will be awarding lifetime scholarships for student-athletes.

If your school wants to compete for football dollars, it will have to get creative and have loaded boosters. That’s the future and you should just get used to it.

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