Erin Andrews Begging For Ring, Manziel At Tractor Pull & Sleepy Cowboys Fan


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I tried to take 24-hours off Busted to recharge the batteries after a brutal week and Jake the Weekend Guy fucks around and doesn’t post anything for you guys. Sorry about that. We’ll see how long he sticks around. It might be a short career at Busted if he doesn’t get his shit together. This blogging shit isn’t for everyone. It pretty much takes a loser who is willing to give up his weekends to be successful at this stuff.

I did that grind for about six years. You don’t see much sun. You rarely go on vacations. You only go to the bar at night to get shitfaced so that the pain of working all day goes away. Then you get up the next day and do it all over again.

It never fails that I’ll get resumes from guys straight out of college who act like they can do this shit and think it would be great to live this lifestyle. And then they quit after two weeks. If they last that long. I received somewhere around 25-30 resumes for the BC assistant editor job and somewhere around 90% of those were from guys who’ve never blogged on a daily basis. You wouldn’t last two days doing this shit.

Anyway, moving along. Remember when you were just out of college and you went to Vegas with $200 to last three days? Remember how you’d go to the Sahara to play $1 3-2 blackjack and drink until you puked in the bathroom by the front door? The place was great and nostalgic. Then it closed. The Sahara is open again, but it’s all cleaned up.

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