WAGs Who Use Instagram Correctly



WAGs Who Use Instagram Correctly

For the most part, Instagram sucks. It is nothing more than a piece of shit camera app douchebags use to brag about how great their life is. Seriously, who gives a crap about your food?

There is even one guy, who will not be named because of his level of douchebaggery, that posts pictures because he has money and time on his hands to spend it all. He literally uses instagram to show off his stacks of cash, amazing cars, and anything else you can imagine a POS to talk about.

But then there are WAGs that have found a way to use Instagram the right way, which is, of course, posting pictures of themselves in Hawaii in a bikini. How else is that app supposed to be useful?

Here is a list of the WAGs that have been using that Instagram machine the right way. Enjoy.

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