QB Stephen McGee & His Hot Wife Have Duck Dynasty Ripoff Reality Show




Remember Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee? The guy is best known for pulling off back-to-back wins over Texas in 2006-07. He eventually ended up on the Dallas Cowboys sideline and even won a game back in 2010. He was eventually cut, bounced around a little bit, landed with Hamilton of the Canadian Football League and now appears to be out of that league. But, as any smart football player knows, you have to have a career to fall back on when football is over.

The good news for McGee is that he recently released a trailer for his Duck Dynasty ripoff reality show where he and his hot wife Brittany (@brittkmcgee) blast the shit out of animals and talk guns, while petting the baby bobcat living inside their house.

What do we learn in this trailer other than the news that McGee has a bobcat living in his bathroom sink?

• Stephen is religious (Duck Dynasty ripoff)

• Hot wife (DD ripoff)

• Beard (DD ripoff)

• Makes his owns guns (semi-DD ripoff)

• Likes to kill animals (DD ripoff)

• Calls Canada “America’s attic”

• Britt & Steve have a camo clothing line (semi-DD ripoff)

• “He belongs in the wild” (DD ripoff)

• “Unscripted and untamed” (DD ripoff)

[HT: Nathan H. // via Good Bull Hunting]

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