Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick’s Girlfriend Draya Is Crazy & I’m Cool With That





Say hello to your power couple of 2014 in the NFL: Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick and his girlfriend Draya, who has 2,000,000+ Instagram followers. Orlando is a pretty decent corner and Draya is pretty good at causing drama, which will come in handy this fall when BC is slow and needs a bikini chick to get things fired up around here.

So here’s where things get good. Draya posted last week on Instagram that she’d rather focus on family and her career instead of a relationship “at this time.” She adds, “I did my best to make things work. I’m not the one who failed.”

The guy has been at training camp for 2.5 weeks. Of course this is a bunch of bullshit. Word on the street is that she has a new season of her reality show coming out and this is all probably a way to create a storyline for attention. I’m cool with that because I’ll never watch her stupid show on VH1 or whatever channel has it. Plus, there’s no way some bikini broad on Instagram is dumping her NFL boyfriend while he’s at camp. Of course she wants amazing Week One tickets when Dallas hosts the 49ers.

She went on Twitter (@DrayaFace) Sunday to say things were already good with her and O. See, this is perfect. You cause a Thursday shitstorm and then patch it up on Sunday so that blogs come out Monday with even more coverage. Then, to top it off, she started deleting all her tweets.

That’s brilliant marketing right there. I’m all in on this Scandrick-Draya relationship. Fun stuff.

Photos via Sodraya – IG

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