Buy The ‘F–k Ohio’ Soccer Scarf You Saw At The MLS All-Star Game




There were a bunch of you who loved the “Fuck Ohio” scarf at last night’s MLS All-Star Game. Well, I have good news for you guys. For $20 you can get your very own “Fuck Ohio” scarf. Not a soccer fan? Buy one of these and take it to GameDay and raise it proudly.

Detroit FC’s Northern Guard Supporters sent word today that they’re selling these on their site. Just be patient.

This is a preorder. We can’t stress this enough… A PREORDER. Expect about 4-6 weeks delivery. You saw it on TV during the National broadcast of the MLS All Star game… Now have one to call your own!

This is the Re-release of a limited edition scarf. The scarf you receive will have slightly different fringe to distinguish it from the original.

[Buy the “Fuck Ohio” scarf]

This Detroit FC crew doesn’t fuck around. They seem fun.

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