Johnny Manziel Finally Went Drinking In Cleveland

Johnny Manziel was eventually going to go out drinkin’ in Cleveland. It was just a matter of when it would happen. It happened last night and the locals didn’t play it cool and act like it was no big deal. They snapped photos and asked for autographs while their starting QB tried to enjoy a nice night out; the Browns are off today.
It’s actually refreshing to see Johnny just have a nice, calm evening out and about in Cleveland. The fans have wanted one of these nights and John obviously like a night out. Just be thankful he didn’t jump on a flight to Houston or Vegas.
Five days ago:

“I don’t want to wear this subject out,” Haslam said after the first training camp practice. “Johnny said it himself. He made some mistakes. We expect better from him. I’m sure he’ll perform now. We’re anxious to see what he can do on the field, which is what really counts.”
Has Manziel learned his lesson about acting like a pro instead of livin’ young and wild and free?
“We’ll see,” said Haslam.

Cleveland foot soldiers say John was drinkin’ at Two Bucks in Middleburg Heights. That’s just two miles from the Browns training facility.
Were you drinkin’ with Manziel at Two Bucks? Give us a full report.
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