ARod At Katy Perry, Dustin Johnson Teaching Paulina & Shirtless Kingsbury


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The SEC won again. The Bachelorette finale was about as anti-climatic as the Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl. Andi lives in Atlanta and Aaron Murray’s brother lives in Atlanta. They actually live a couple blocks from each other. She wanted Chiefs season tickets. Josh could give her those season tickets. It was just too easy. The shocking part about last night’s show/Twitter fun was that I learned how many hot chicks followed BC. It’s incredible. I have no idea why they follow but they follow. And they RT the shit out of Bachelorette tweets.

Remember the story I linked to yesterday about the guy who robbed the Bellagio? Now there is news on how he spent the money. He took the $45,000 and celebrated with prostitutes at the Hard Rock and a shopping spree.

A tourist had informed police that a man paid him $300 to rent a room — and an additional $405 for the actual room — at the hotel. The man claimed to not have any identification, police said. Police were able to confirm the suspect’s location in the hotel through surveillance video.

He was wearing the same shirt he had worn to commit the robbery, and he had several prostitutes with him in his room, police said. Four of the women were detained as they fled the suspect’s room, carrying more than $7,000 in cash that the suspect had paid them, police said.

Some of the money was wrapped in bands with the word “Bellagio” on it, police said. The prostitutes said the suspect took them shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.


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