Holly Sonders Is Ready For Her NFL Sideline Reporting Job



That’s former ESPNer Erik Kuselias with his wife and new Fox Sports reporter Holly Sonders (@holly_sonders) enjoying a nice Vegas vacation before Holly starts her new duties. Someone has been working out.

As for Sonders’ new job, she’s about to become a huge name in the golf world with the USGA and the U.S. Open head to Fox in 2015. Oh, did I mention she’ll be working NFL sidelines? SHE WILL! I’m telling you guys right now that this will be one of the most talked about hires of 2014. What experience does Holly have covering football? (See below.) That’s what is exciting about the Sonders hire. She comes to Fox with all sorts of momentum while Erin Andrews is battling to stay relevant by taking Pam Oliver’s job. It won’t take 16 weeks to see which sideline reporter the fans prefer in the Sonders-Andrews battle.

Now let’s address this Vegas costume that Kuselias went with at the Palazzo pool. Dog tags? Puma beater? I’ve been pretty hard on the guy over the last couple years, but this time he’s pretty much asking to get called out for the Jersey Shore look. The Puma is one thing, but the dog tags is just over the line, even for a Vegas pool look.

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