Instagram Bikini Model of the Day: Rocky Barnes


Picture 8


Meet Rocky Barnes. Her real name is Rachel, but goes by Rocky on Instagram so that’s all that matters. I’m actually all for bikini models mixing it up a little bit in the name department. You’re only competing against 40,000 other IG bikini models with great asses. Don’t go all stripper name, but don’t be afraid to go with the obscure. Give me a bikini chick who goes by Bo Rogers. You know how many Samantha’s there are on IG who are bikini models? Thousands.

Anyway, Rocky is an IG pro with over 100k followers. Barnes isn’t even her last name — it’s Horowitz!

Rachel Rocky Barnes Horowitz bio:

• California-based

Has a blog where she doesn’t really type words, just uploads modeling photos

• “Beach girl at heart”

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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