Brett Favre Lost His Wedding Ring Playing Beach Volleyball

Do you miss Brett Favre? It wasn’t so long ago that “The Gunslinger” turned the start of NFL training camp into a pre-LeBron Era “decision” as to whether he’d retire or not; which team he’d play for, blah, blah, blah…
These days, Favre is comfortably retired from the NFL (for now) The record-setting quarterback spends most of his days grooming his beard, doing serious arm workouts and taking in his daughter’s beach volleyball games.
While that seems like a pretty relaxing life, it’s not without hazards: Favre lost his wedding ring while playing volleyball on a (Gulf Coast?) beach last Saturday per ‘Bama fan Taylor Roberts (@trob4bama):

Six years ago you’d likely have seen Rachel Nichols, Ed Werder and Peter King all with metal detectors out on that beach. Not anymore.
Young Mr. Roberts never said whether or not Favre got his ring back, but BC never sleeps. Here is a picture of Favre from today’s poster signing event for RX Pro Compounding Pharmacy, a maker of sports creams he endorses. Check his left hand.

Bling on. Brett Favre: model husband. And, he always has time for fans:

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