101 Hottest World Cup WAGs Of All Time


101 Hottest World Cup WAGs Of All Time1


The World Cup happens once every four years. It is watched by billions, not millions, from all over the globe. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, more countries watch the World Cup than any other sport, including the Olympics and porn. No seriously, check the numbers, people would rather watch soccer than sex. It is a proven fact.

Since so many people from all over the world are already watching the World Cup, why not make things more exciting and add a supermodel or two? It isn’t like the sport is a constant thrill ride. Some times it is a 0-0 tie so a little extra entertaining is needed.

That is where the WAGs enter. You see, a WAG is a female wife or girlfriend to the athletes. The term WAG was invented in 2006 thanks to England and all the beautiful women that just kept showing up at all the matches. Some fans even blamed the England WAGs for the teams early exit from the tournament.

Now that you have heard the background, how about a massive list of the hottest World Cup WAGs of All-Time?


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