Of Course Abu Dhabi Has A Hulk Hogan Impersonator

As a travel destination for the filthy rich — and those who love them — Abu Dhabi has a little bit of everything: killer golfing, a manicured waterfront and the set of the new Star Wars film.
With all those attractions pulling in big spenders to the United Arab Emirates city, kitschy offerings were sure to follow — like the world’s fastest roller coaster, a big-ass water park and a Hulk Hogan doppelganger who drives around town in a sweet Mustang.
Near as we can tell, Abu Dhabi Hulk Hogan seems to be the Arabian city’s equivalent of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame characters. It’s not clear if the “Hulkster” works for tips, but it is painfully obvious that he has fooled some travelers into thinking he is THE real deal. Like this guy:

Not sure what’s worse: this dude thinking Hulk Hogan somehow shrunk down to 5’9″, lost all muscle tone and sprouted tufts of gray back hair, or the fact that Hulkster’s rep for doing lowbrow appearances — and never breaking character — made this seem possible.
As you can see in the pics below, plenty of other tourists have run into Abu Dhabi Hulk Hogan. We haven’t found a Twitter, Facebook or Insty profile for the guy — nor do we know what has to go wrong in your life to decide to impersonate an aging wrestler when you are living in a desert oasis — but we’d love to know more about him.
Email us if you know something we can add to his curious story.

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