Meet Alejandra Buitrago — Colombian World Cup Reporter

And the list of the hot World Cup reporters just keeps on growing. Meet Alejandra Buitrago (@alebuitragoh), a Colombian TV host and now a World Cup reporter who is driving men in Brazil absolutely insane. Alejandra originally showed up over the weekend in a photo with a member of the British media. That photo went nuts on Reddit, nobody knew her name and here we are five days later with her name, GIFs, Twitter account and lingerie photos.
That’s just how things work at the World Cup.
If your country doesn’t have a dime reporting from Brazil, the country is failing at its coverage.
Mexico has Ines Sainz doing her thing. The Mexicans also sent the now infamous Vanessa Huppenkothen to Rio. Brazil countered with Andressa Urach, who has competed in Miss BumBum competitions.
But the hottest of all the World Cup dimes just might be Buitrago. Her work can be seen on El Lavadero (@ElLavaderorcn)on Colombia’s RCN channel.
Colombia’s next match is Tuesday against Japan.

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