World Cup Middle Finger, Staffords In Aspen And Manziel’s Asian Buddy

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Happy Father’s Day to all you guys out there who have kids you know about or kids you don’t know about. It’s a big day, enjoy it.

If you haven’t read the feature on Gordy Gronkowski, otherwise known as the maniac who raised the Gronks, in the June issue of Esquire, take some time today to read this¬†from Chris Jones,¬†@MySecondEmpire.

In the years since his boys moved out, he’s fixed all the damage they did to the house he built for them. He’s painted over the scuff marks on the kitchen ceiling, from footballs thrown across the room; he’s patched the holes punched into the drywall and repaired the doors torn off their hinges; he’s replaced the couches and beds that came with lifetime warranties but lasted two weeks; he’s replaced the old hot tub, too. “That hot tub could have told some stories,” Gordy says.

That should be it for this morning. It’s a sunny day. I’m in a hurry to get out of here today. I might fire up the grill, let Little BC throw some sticks at the dog and enjoy a day away from the computer.