Is That Johnny Manziel’s Houston Weekend Dime Piece?




Well, we have an answer as to where Johnny Manziel is spending his fourth weekend as the Browns starting quarterback. Houston with Drake and Team OVO. And some 10 in a skirt that is asking for trouble.

For those of you keeping track at home:

Weekend 1 – Vegas

Weekend 2 – Los Angeles

Weekend 3 – Austin/San Antonio

Weekend 4 – Houston

I started to get intel yesterday afternoon that John had been mentioning the #HAW (Houston Appreciation Weekend for those of you who track this shit) where Drake would be performing. Sure enough, there was John Football and the OVO boys with their big styrofoam cups headed for Drake’s show.




Johnny-Houston-Drake-3 Johnny-Houston-Drake-6 Johnny-Houston-Drake-1 Johnny-Houston-Drake-2 Johnny-Houston-Drake-4

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