Jim McMahon Golfing Pro-Am Barefoot With Cow-Print Shorts & Bud Light

Jim McMahon

Do you kids remember Jim McMahon? You should — he was THE cocky, accomplished college/pro quarterback a decade before Johnny Manziel was even born.

Nearly 20 years after retiring from the NFL, McMahon is still walking around giving no fucks. He’s playing the BMW Charity Pro-Am at Green Valley Country Club in Greenville, South Carolina this weekend and doing it in style.

McMahon’s wardrobe for the tourney:

Friday:an oversized wide-brimmed hat, checkered floral-print Hawaiian shorts, an earring and no shoes

Saturday: barefoot with black polo shirt and cow-print pants (above and below)

Sunday: TBD, but it ought to be good

McMahon has made news in the past few years for a variety of health issues he says stem from his playing days, but he’s not become anti-football, per Greenville Online:

“I think it’s all about how you teach them,” McMahon said. “If you teach them the correct ways, it’s a safe game. Injuries will happen, but they happen everywhere. If you teach them correctly, it’s still a good game – it’s a great game.”

Other brash QBs (Bobby Layne and Joe Namath) pre-date McMahon, but he set the cockiness level for the passer of the post-1985 era. He also set about every NCAA passing record and won a Super Bowl.

FWIW – at publishing time, Max Homa and Blayne Barber were tied for the tournament lead.

Jim McMahon Beer 1

Jim McMahon Beer 2

Lead Photo: @tngolftalk

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