Lindsey Duke Looked Bronzed At The NFL Draft

I’m still pissed off that ESPN/NFL Network failed to show Lindsey Duke last night when Blake Bortles found his dream job in Jacksonville. It almost seems like the NFL told draft picks they wouldn’t be allowed to have arm candy at the tables unless they were married.
The girl next to Johnny Manziel was his sister, @merimanziel.
Lindsey Duke never appeared. Was that an agent/player thing? Is the NFL trying to curb internet reaction to hot chicks who take away the limelight from the players? Possible. Is the NFL trying to remove the Brent Musburger element from the broadcast of this cattle call? That’s a legit question, because last night was the first time I can remember in the nearly seven years of Busted that hot chicks were missing from the broadcast.
(We have reason to believe Manziel sent his new side piece back to San Diego before the draft.)
The viewer lost out last night. There wasn’t even a hot mom to blog about. Remember Matt & Ryan Kalil’s mom at the 2012 draft? Mised that last night. There were too many shots of Manziel pounding water and not enough of Michelle Manziel.
So we’re left with one consolation photo of Lindsey Duke. Nice tan.

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