Kate Upton Quietly Getting Comfortable In Detroit


Verlander and Upton at Starbucks!!! pic.twitter.com/ZX9keGXMEj

— Anna Goldberg (@AnnaBananaTW) May 7, 2014

BC tipster Sarah emailed us that Kate Upton met up with boyfriend/Tigers ace Justin Verlander in Detroit this week just days after she walked the red carpet at the Met Ball in New York on Monday.

As you can see in the pic above, Upton and Verlander hit up a Starbucks prior to Detroit’s 3-2 win over the Astros at Comerica Park on Wednesday.

Kate’s gotta be a multi-step order-er, like Grande Soy Chai with extra pumps or something like that, right? Guessing JV is black coffee or cappuccino (no-foam).

While most BC readers are more interested in Upton, Verlander was the object of these Twitter paparazzi: another spotted JV at Comerica later in the the day.

if only I could have gotten a picture with him omg!!!!😍❤️🐯 pic.twitter.com/PHY2j8Uomo

— Amanda (@AmandaWozniak22) May 8, 2014

Still another Twitter user tried to buy Upton and Verlander shots, which the Tigers star pitcher politely declined.

Just tried to buy Justin Verlander and Kate Upton a shot, they respectfully declined but JV is still a God Damn legend #MVP #Repeat

— Mike (FLYMiNDS.) (@Mickey_Bobby) May 7, 2014

Verlander starts against the Twins in Detroit tonight. He hasn’t lost to Minnesota in his last 12 starts, which dates back to 2010 – before Upton had ever appeared in an SI Swimsuit Issue.

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