Taylor Lewan Showed Off His Finger Mustache Tatoo At Draft Party

Didn’t know that Michigan OL Taylor Lewan has a finger mustache tattoo? The rumor is real and Tays showed it off last night at the NFLPA draft party where he happened to run into the lovely Jamie Gordon, who calls herself a “Stylist of Life”.
She seemed smitten:

My top pick for photo of the night! #wewin@taylorlewan77 good luck tomorrow 😉

Let’s do a search for “Taylor Lewan Maturity” and see what we get.
Look, I’m all for a guy having some fun off the field. I’d draft this guy. Then I’d tell him to put the mustache tattoo away. There’s nothing good that comes from that when you sign a multi-million dollar contract. Even Gronk doesn’t have a finger mustache tattoo. He’s way too mature for that.
Jersey chasers will think this is funny for about six months and then this will get very, very old.


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