Aaron Murray GF Vs. Bortles GF, Britt McHenry Dominating & Mortensen's Stache

Draft day boner.
Woke up with one. Still have one. Can’t get rid of it. Walking around with it. It’s not going away until Rog strolls to the mic with “Gin and Juice” thumping throughout Radio City to say the Texans have selected Jadeveon Clowney.
Then I’ll settle in and listen to Gruden tell me how in love he is with all 32 players in the first round. In fact, over the next four days, Gruden will tell you he’s in love with seven rounds of players. Loves all of them. Huge upside potential. Likes “the kid’s” work ethic.

If Johnny Manziel gets selected in the 1st round, he’d be the first QB under 6 feet tall to be drafted in the 1st round since 1953.

It’s a new league. He’s going in the first round.

Marcell Dareus Mugshot, Great Ladder Trick & Olsen Twins (Nic Cage?)
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