Freaky Old Brett Favre Surfaces To Give His Mock Draft Picks

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Brett Favre seems to be working with some company called Sqor to give his draft analysis while looking like he just cleared five acres of Mississippi turf with a Briggs and Stratton push mower.

And then he hit the bench to throw around three bills before getting on camera looking swole.

Anyway, Favre released this video tonight detailing his top five picks in the draft. I guess he must’ve talked about Houston in another video because he doesn’t mention the Texans here.

How is Brett doing these days? He has the Rams taking Sammy Watkins. His brain must still be sharp because there are more and more pundits saying that’s exactly what the Rams are going to do, while blowhards Kiper and McShay are on the OL Greg Robinson bandwagon.

Go watch the video and keep in mind that Brett is 44.

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