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Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Cancun, Pippen’s Wife In Underwear & Heat Dancer GIF

It's just one loss, bro


Let’s be honest here for a minute, the Eastern Conference of the NBA is complete horseshit. Terrible. Some of the worst basketball the NBA has seen in the last 30 years. Did you even realize the Nets-Heat game was on last night? It was and it was a blowout. I turned it on with about four minutes to go in the 4th and Garnett was sitting on the bench with Pierce.


There was a major milestone in the MLB last night. From @EliasSports

. Park will be the 41st different stadium at which Bartolo Colon will start a major-league game.

Colon, 2-5, went seven strong and allowed three earned in the 3-0 Marlins win. Congrats, old man.

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