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Tipster: Troy Aikman Is Dating Dallas Model Tracy Ripsin



This might be the first credible tip we’ve received in the search for an ID on Troy Aikman’s girlfriend.

“Is Dallas model Tracy Ripsin…he took her to cabo for joe buck’s wedding and has been dating her a few months. not sure how serious it is but its not the other woman you identified- unless he’s dating both which seems unlikely (.)”

Who is Tracy Ripsin? She’s a model.

5’10” – size 2 – size 8.5 shoe. According to her LinkedIn account, Tracy went to Minnesota State-Mankato from 1998-2004.

I’m not a forensics expert, but it looks like we’ve found Troy Aikman’s girlfriend. The chin looks identical. The eyes. The hair. The BC staff has also studied Tracy’s legs and are 98% certain we have a match.

[photos via Instagram]

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