Buy Graham Rahal’s Audi A7 For Just $150,000




Normally I wouldn’t bother posting some decent Audi A7 that Indy Car driver Graham Rahal was trying to sell on eBay. The game-changer here is that this guy is also dating Courtney Force, the drag racing legend. That’s huge news that we’ll have to address down the road.

But for now, it’s all about this car Rahal is trying to unload. It’s a decent ride. It’s not something you want to drive to Whole Foods and have some hipster scratch by ramming his Volvo wagon door into a one-of-a-kind Audi.

This 2014 A7 has just 1,700 miles on the odometer and is advertised as the “only known glut orange RS7 in the country.”

It’s yours for $150,000.

Did the new girlfriend not like orange? He’s selling the car after only owning it for a few months. He bragged in November about his new ride. Now it’s on eBay.

MSRP on the bottom of the barrel A7 is $102,900.

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