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Kentucky Wins National Championship, Go Yukon! & Baseball Boobs

No biggie. Just confuse the shit out of people


Thanks to the NCAA & CBS for making me stay up until about 11:45 to catch One Shining Moment. Complete bullshit from CBS.

Congrats to those underdog UConn Huskies for coming out of nowhere to win the national championship. It’s like this school has never won a basketball title. Good Morning America was actually running “Underdogs” for UConn this morning. They just won a title three years ago. Holy shit.

Also, let’s all stop acting like it’s a miracle that a 7-seed won the tournament. It’s not anymore.

From @RJinVegas:

Before tournament, UConn 100/1 longshot to win title (32 teams had equal or better odds)


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