Playboy’s Miss April 2014, Shanice Jordyn, Talks Hoops & Sexy NBA Players




Shanice Jordyn wasn’t sure she wanted to appear in Playboy, but her mom convinced her it was the right thing to do.

“I wasn’t going to do it, but my mom was like: ‘You should do it! It will be great’ so I did,” Jordyn, 22, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for April, said on Wednesday morning.

“I’m young. I felt like it’s something that most people don’t have the opportunity to do, so I did it.”

Currently a junior at Arizona State, Jordyn first appeared in Playboy’s “Girls of the Pac 12” pictorial in the October 2013 college issue. The magazine chose the Phoenix resident to be their fourth Playmate of 2014.

A 2010 graduate of Mountain Pointe High School in Tempe, Ariz., Jordyn excelled as a point guard on the school’s basketball team and was a sprinter on its track squad. She said she occasionally uses her hoop skills to keep guys in line on the basketball court (see video at bottom).

“Whenever I go to the gym, I’ll always shoot around. Sometimes, I’ll play basketball and guys will stop playing because they are shocked that a girl can play,” Jordyn said.

“They are like: ‘Oh my God; she can play!’ Sometimes guys won’t play me as hard on defense and I’ll just score on them. It’s awesome.”

Jordyn talked to us about the scene at Arizona State, which NBA players would make her all-sexy team and the setting she’d most like to be photograph naked.

What’s the strangest reaction you’ve gotten so far after being featured in Playboy?

“I work at Twin Peaks (bar in Scottsdale, Ariz.), and a customer noticed my (Playboy bunny) necklace. He asked me about it and I said that I modeled for Playboy. It’s a conversation starter.”

“The guy stated asking ‘How’s Hef?’ and ‘How’s the Mansion?’ and all that. He wound up leaving me a $40 tip, but his tab was just like $7, so that was pretty memorable.”

You take classes online at Arizona State. Have you ever taken a class naked? How do you compare it to traditional classroom learning?

“I’ve never taken a class naked, but I do sometimes log on to the class in just my bra and underwear. It’s whatever I wore to bed, you know? I like (online classes) better. You can do the homework whenever you want and you can fit it into your schedule easier.”

“Yesterday, I had to go to campus, and I had no idea where I was going. I was running into people trying to get to buildings; it was awful.”

ASU has a reputation as a party school. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen there?

“A girl just fell off a balcony during a party. This was recently; she passed away. It was terrible. People here really like to party, but you have to be careful because it gets out of control easy.”

Which of the school’s athletes are the Big Men on Campus?

“I don’t know all of the athletes, but I know the basketball team. (Arizona State point guard) Jahii Carson and I are friends. He’s a really good player. He’ll probably play in the NBA some day. He’s cocky. (laughs)”

Can you D-up on him on the court?

“I could probably take him.” (laughs)

Which current NBA player would you choose to start your all-sexy team?

“Derrick Rose. Definitely. I know he’s always hurt, but just for the way he plays, I think he’s sexy. I just love Derrick Rose. He and Carmelo Anthony…Kobe Bryant, too. He’s just amazing.”

Most Playmates don’t get to choose the setting of their pictorial. If you could choose anyplace to be photographed naked, where would you choose?

“A basketball court! I’d love to do a basketball-themed pictorial. I know that Playboy had girls do a March Madness-themed pictorial, but I’d love to do one on a basketball court.”

Maybe we could get Derrick Rose involved. He’s pretty fashionable and photographs well.

“Yeah. Right. (Laughs) Just put me naked in the first row with Derrick Rose playing basketball. Can you get on that?”

The April 2014 issue of Playboy, featuring Shanice Jordyn as Playmate of the Month, is on newsstands and now

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