Who Is This Chick With Larry Bird? [UPDATE]

I’ve been thinking about this one since last week when I came across screencaps of Larry Bird at a Pacers game. Is that chick with Larry? Is she supposed to be on TV with her hand on Larry’s leg? Is Larry’s marriage to Dinah still on? Is that a daughter I don’t know about? If that a daughter, that’s awkward.
Larry looks too happy for that to be a daughter with her hand on dad’s leg. Also, the hand is on the leg for more than one frame. That’s too long in dad-daughter hand on leg situations.
According to our research, Larry has two daughters. One of the daughters is supposedly half-black so she’s out of the equation. The other daughter, Corrie, doesn’t look like hand-on-leg chick.
So what’s the deal with Larry? Is this a new side piece? Someone out there knows what’s going on.
Let us know.
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We are told by a tipster that the chick is Larry Bird’s adopted daughter, Mariah.


Dinah Bird, right:


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That's Not Pete Rose's Girlfriend Kiana Kim
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