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Arkansas Fan Middle Fingers, UK Cat Cheerleader Costume & Yans vs. Sox Boobs

Gun show

Kudos to those of you who sat through NIT games last night. I woke up and saw that a bunch of you were impressed by double middle finger Arkansas tough guy.

Looks like he works out.

Here are your odds to win the tourney thanks to @RJinVegas:

Odds [1/2]: Florida, Mich St, L’ville 7/2; Arizona 4/1; Virginia 10/1; Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky 18/1 – via

Odds [2/2] UCLA, Baylor, Tennessee 25/1; U Conn, Iowa St 30/1; SD St, Stanford 50/1; Dayton 75/1

So you’re saying Dayton doesn’t have much of a chance?

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