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Kelly Hall Welcomes Golden Tate’s Girlfriend, Elise Pollard, To Lions WAGs [PHOTOS]

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Kelly Hall — a longtime favorite of BC and girlfriend of Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford — was hanging out on a cruise with Lindsey Duke, the girlfriend of Central Florida QB/possible 2014 first-round NFL Draft pick Blake Bortles.

Hall’s maritime fun didn’t keep her from the latest NFL free agent news: Detroit inked former Seahawks’ wide receiver Golden Tate to a five-year, $31 million deal on Wednesday. Hall welcomed Elise Pollard to the Lions’ wives and girlfriends with an Instagram pic (above).

We’ve told you about Pollard before. Judging by her Instagram profile, she’s on a killer Pacific trip (mostly to bikini-friendly destinations like Australia, Thailand and Fiji). We’re not even sure if Pollard knows about Tate signing with Detroit yet. She probably doesn’t care, either – especially when there’s snorkeling to be done (below).

Golden Tate is a lucky man (and not just because defenses won’t double-cover him with Megatron as a teammate).


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