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Johnny Manziel’s Combine 40 Vs. Colin Kaepernick’s Combine 40


So Johnny Manziel ran a 4.56 40 today at the NFL Combine. What does that look like compared to other stud QBs to be drafted over the last few years?

See above against Kaepernick.

Second-fastest 40 from the QBs at the Combine went to Derek Carr with a 4.65.


Blake Bortles Central Florida  4.81  4.88
Tajh Boyd Clemson  4.75  4.84
 Derek Carr  Fresno State  4.68  4.65
 David Fales  San Jose State  4.94  5.03
 Jimmy Garoppolo  Eastern Illinois  4.93  4.95
 Jordan Lynch  Northern Illinois  4.72  4.72
 Johnny Manziel  Texas A&M  4.63  4.56
 Jeff Mathews  Cornell  DNR
 AJ McCarron  Alabama  4.94  4.91
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