Kate Upton & Verlander At Magic Game, Trebek’s Thumb & Rob Ford Celebrates


morning twitpics

I said UNDER 9.5 gold medals for the U.S. Look at the medal count. NINE! 9! Yep, the OVER was a goalpost away from hitting. Mere inches away for guys who bet on medal counts.

For those of you who’ll be salivating over the NFL Combine, there’s this.

From @RJinVegas:

Mark Malone just told me on-air that his 40-time was faster than @donovanjmcnabb‘s (who did not deny) #Upset

In other news, Kevin the Intern retired from BC last night after 5 1/2 years of service. Yes, he was paid over those years. He never lost the intern tag because he became famous for being Kevin the Intern, or KTI, as some of us knew him. He’s to the house buying stage with his soon to be fiancee.

We’ll miss him around here. He’s been with me from nearly the beginning.

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