Meet Erica Powell, Clemson's Legally-Blind Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

Your inspiring story of the week comes from Clemson, South Carolina, where cheerleader Erica Powell roots on the Tigers despite being legally blind.
As Fox Carolina reported, Powell overcame eye cancer in childhood, but treatments left her with significant visual impairment. She can “see,” but not well enough to drive or to perceive details, like what just happened in the game.

She acknowledged that she can’t even see the games she’s cheering for, that it’s mostly a blur. She said she has to rely on her teammates’ reactions to know when to cheer.

That sucks, especially given the attention span of your average college student. There is a real good chance that Powell’s teammates have led her astray at least once during her cheerleading career.
The Fox story pointed out that Powell has had a normal college life despite her condition, and her Twitter profile confirms it. She even hung out with Clemson QB Tajh Boyd once.
Powell accomplishments are definitely an inspiration, considering how many college students can’t make it to their 9 a.m. Econ class three days a week.

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