Cuban Baseball Brawl Features Player Charging Mound With Bat [VIDEO]


The best Cuban baseball players defect to the U.S. all the time. Maybe it’s because Cuban players sometimes use baseball bats in brawls.

On Monday, a bean brawl between Matanzas and Villa Clara got ugly quick via a third man in, per Baseball America (video above):

After Eriel Sanchez led off the seventh inning with a home run to give Matanzas a 3-0 lead, Villa Clara righthander Freddy Alvarez hit the next batter, Yasiel Santoya, in the head with a fastball. Two batters later, 17-year-old Victor Mesa Jr., the son of Matanzas manager Victor Mesa, got hit by a 2-0 fastball.

That’s when chaos erupted. The pitch didn’t get much of Mesa, but his momentum trying to get out of the way took him back to his dugout down the third base line. Meanwhile, Demis Valdes, who wasn’t even in the game, came off the bench charging the mound with a bat in his hands.

How bad-ass is Alvarez? He ran toward the guy with a bat and bad intentions. Sure catcher Ariel Borrero saved Alvarez by tackling Valdes — who took a full swing — but that’s not the point. Hitting two guys in an inning and then charging a whole dugout of dudes coming to get you is some crazy shit.


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