Leryn Franco Getting Ready For Rio Olympics [PHOTOS]

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Paraguayan javelin thrower/model Leryn Franco has been one of the brightest stars of the past three summer Olympic games. Never mind that she’s finished 42nd, 51st and 34th, no one has looked better throwing the javelin.
Now 31, Franco is determined to represent her nation again at the Rio Games in 2016, and the savvy veteran is training like Rocky…if Rocky looked fantastic in short shorts and a sports bra.
Based on Franco’s newly uploaded pics and video, she seems like a lock to make the Rio
Games. Hell, at this point, the IOC probably has made it mandatory for Paraguay to bring Franco or GTFO.
Trust us: If every javelin thrower looked like Franco, the field events would get the same broadcast coverage as basketball or swimming.

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[Photos/Video via Instagram.com/lerynf]