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#KUBoobs Still Going Strong Even With Loss To K-State

With Ben McLemore and Jeff Withey gone to the NBA, Kansas has not been as dominant in 2013-14 as it was last season. Still, the Jayhawks (18-6, 9-2 Big 12) entered Monday’s rivalry game against Kansas State (17-7; 7-4 Big 12) ranked seventh with super-freshman Andrew Wiggins leading the way.

Cleavage-bearing fan site KU Boobs hasn’t wasted time with a rebuilding process either. After suffering through some light submission games earlier in the season, KU Boobs showed off during Monday’s game, helping the team force overtime with a late rally.

Unfortunately, no amount of heartland boob-age could help the Jayhawks overcome the Wildcats. Despite the 85-82 overtime loss, Kansas is still in first place in the Big 12.

KU Boobs fans know the real season doesn’t start until March anyway:


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