Sports Reporter Tieja MacLaughlin Jailed Over Threats To Kill Hockey Boyfriend



If what police allege is true, Canadian sports reporter Tieja MacLaughlin (@Tieja_Mac) was on her way Friday to kill her hockey boyfriend, Jackson Playfair, a Tri-City Americans player, after she learned that he was seeing someone else.

Jackson, the son of Phoenix Coyotes associate coach Jim Playfair, told Washington police early Saturday that he had been in a relationship with MacLaughlin, but said “it has been a rocky one.”

This is where things get real weird.

MacLaughlin learned Friday that her boyfriend had been with someone else, and told him over the phone that she was on her way to Kennewick, court documents said.

During that call, she told Playfair that “he would be dead by the end of the night,” documents said.

Cops met with MacLaughlin, a sports reporter at The Daily Courier in Kelowna, British Columbia, told her to go home and stop contacting Playfair. She agreed, but soon texted Playfair to meet her at her hotel.

She was arrested Saturday afternoon on felony threat charges.

Friday night:

Picture 1

Last Twitter exchange we can find between the two:

Picture 2

Tieja-MacLaughlin-4 Tieja-MacLaughlin-3 Tieja-MacLaughlin-2


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