Is Tim Tebow Training For A UFC Career?

The guy in the middle of that testosterone is seven-time British boxing champion Tony Jeffries. He runs the Box N Burn gym in Santa Monica, CA. The guy on the right is heavyweight UFC fighter Brendan Schaub (10-3 MMA record). And Tim Tebow, Schaub’s buddy.
They were training this weekend with Jeffries.
Would Schaub talk Tebow into training for a mixed martial arts fight? Would Tebow get serious enough about boxing/MMA to take a sanctioned fight? Would guys line up 100-deep to kick Tebow’s ass?
All legitimate questions.
What we do know for sure is that Tebow has been boxing since at least 2012. Here he is throwing on some fitness stud named Dewayne Riggins, who is Bart Scott’s trainer.
Tebow, listed at 6-3, 230, would plug nicely into the UFC heavyweight division. Cain Velasquez is 6-1, 240; Josh Barnett is 6-3, 250; Junior Dos Santos is 6-3, 238. Frank Mir is 6-3, 240.
Say Tebow beat a couple of tomato cans and Dana White could somehow swing a Tebow-Mir fight. It would easily crush the top selling pay-per-view in UFC history: UFC 100, Mir-Lesnar. Think about this for a minute: blood rolling down Tebow’s face, bruised, stumbling, barely able to stand, but still moving in on his prey. God on his side. Fans chanting “Tebow.” People praying. Preachers watching at home on PPV.
There is speculation Lesnar is preparing for a UFC comeback. Tebow-Lesnar. God vs. Evil.
Pure spectacle.
Maybe Tebow is just trying to stay in shape for that comeback. Maybe he was bored and thought he’d punch the bag a few times. Maybe Schaub has talked him into getting serious about kicking Velasquez’s ass.
We’ll see.

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Nick Saban Doing Electric Slide
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