Our Boy Mike Brown Absolutely Unloads On Aaron Volpatti's Nose

Those of you who’ve been around BC over the years know that I’m a Mike Brown guy. Big fan. The guy will absolutely go with anyone at anytime in the NHL. Does Mike Brown win all of his fights? Nope. Does Mike get his ass lit up here and there? Yep.
Does Mike throw more punches and faster punches than anyone in the NHL? Sure does.
And when he connects, Mike Brown will light up your face. Washington Capitals’ Aaron Volpatti just happened to run into Mike Brown’s good night and his nose paid the price tonight in D.C. in a 2-1 San Jose shootout win (box score).
Sure, Mike ended up cut. He usually gets drilled.
But Mike goes to the box, fixes his face and goes back to doing his thing.
A+ fight.
(Also caught this after the fight. Digger.)

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It Looks Like Jeff Bagwell Has A Beer Gut